5 Steps to Designing Your Perfect Wedding Album.

Wedding Photobook Album designed by And Other Memories

One of the questions I get asked most is how I manage to design albums for other people when I don't know who is who and which images mean the most to other people? The answer to me is simple. And Other Memories is all about the personal, and I take the time to find out exactly what my client's want, I then use this information to design their perfect album. But that question got me thinking about other things that album makers and scrapbookers might like to know, and with #weddingwednesday coming up tomorrow, I thought I would give you a quick guide to designing your perfect wedding album.

Presuming you have gone the whole hog and had photos taken from throughout the day of both partners, I find that the best way to design a #weddingalbum is to start at the beginning of the day. Whether you are creating an album with every photo taken or one with just a select few that tell the story of the day, it is always best to start by getting your photos in order so you know which parts of the day are where and where you'll find the specific images you want to use.


1. Get your photos in order, preferably chronological.

Enough said.

2. Starting at the beginning of the day, select the images you want to use and place them in chronological order.

This is where the design work really starts.

3. Choose whether you want to mix the early parts (when the couple are normally separated) of the day up.

Do you prefer images of both partners interspersed reflecting that they are both getting ready at the same time despite not being together, or all images of one partner getting ready, followed by images of second partner getting ready. For fluency, I prefer grouping images of one partner together, followed by images of the other partner.

4. Layout the album as per your decisions above.

5. Don't forget to add images of any details in amongst other photos of the same time of day.

Photos of the tables laid up for the wedding breakfast should be placed around photos from dinner time, while images of flowers at the ceremony should be put amongst photos of the happy couple and guests at the ceremony.

6. Sorry, one more! Once you have done all the above it is time to take a step-back and admire your awesome design work!

I hope you find this guide useful, let me know if there are any other album design/scrapbooking questions I can answer for you by commenting below or using this contact link.


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