Bride-to-be: Emma White

Updated: May 23, 2018

Emma White Bride-to-be on her wedding day.

As the first in the Making Memories and Memories Made series, I wanted to do a test run. Enter Emma White, our now almost-a-year wed, who answered some questions for us last year (apologies that maternity leave and my little man delayed me posting!) Emma has some of the best advice for brides-to-be that I've ever heard!

AOM: Who is your lucky other half and how did you meet?

Emma: Ben – we met through work. He was managing an event I was also working on, and the rest is history

AOM: How long did you date before getting engaged?

Emma:Three and a half years – a year of which was long distance with him being in Australia!

AOM: What is it about him that made you say yes?

Emma: Too many reasons to name just one, but he’s the person I’m happiest spending the day doing everything and nothing with.

Emma and Ben enjoying a wedding kiss.

AOM: Have you got a favourite memory with your partner?

Emma: The proposal has to be up there – a private little cove in New Zealand.

AOM: Tell us where you're getting married?

Just family at Chelsea Registry office and then a lunch next door at The Ivy, Chelsea Garden. Later that evening we’ll have a party at The Collection, Duke of York Square.

AOM: Do you have any thoughts on a look/colour/theme for the big day?

Emma: Very relaxed – it’s a tiny wedding with just family followed by a bigger party in the evening. The flowers are the big colour splash – lots of blues and pinks.

AOM: What are you most looking forward too on the day?

Emma: Getting married. The very short service that I know will fly by at lightning speed but I want to remember it all! Plus the dress – I LOVE my dress.

AOM: What are you finding the easiest and hardest parts of planning?

Emma: Both our jobs involve event planning so a wedding should really be easy – but in reality we just want it to be as fun as possible and for it not to feel like work! Working with a venue that hosts lots of similar events makes it simple, and then we can just add the finishing touches to make it ours.

Mmmm, honeymoons!

AOM: Do you have a honeymoon destination in mind?

Emma: A quick mini-moon but it’s a surprise. Then a bigger trip away somewhere hot next year.

AOM: What’s the best bit of advice that you have been given so far?

Emma: Not to worry! Everyone is an expert in their field, from the dressmaker to the cake baker, florist to registrar and you just need to trust that once you’ve made your decisions together they’ll smash it. And if something goes wrong, who cares?! It’s all about the two of you becoming husband and wife, not about whether bunch of flowers is in the right place or the seating plan 100% perfect.

AOM: How do you keep your memories?

Emma: A sudden burst of printing photos, meaning all our framed pictures are from one occasion/holiday. The rest all just sit on phones and laptops sadly.

AOM: AOM is all about cherishing memories, do you have a favourite memory of all time?

Emma: Not to be cheesy, but meeting my husband. The event we met at was a gorgeous boat party on the Thames just by Tower Bridge in the middle of a heatwave. It couldn’t have been a more wonderful day.

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