Bride-to-be: Leila McCausland

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

The second Bride to answer our Wedding Memories in the Making questions just so happens to be my bestie. I was honoured to be her Maid of Honour (ahh, I've just got that title, honoured, honour, yes I'm slow!) and it was a real delight to be part of her wedding. As she only got married on 5th May it was great timing for the start of this series, I couldn't not ask her to be featured!

AOM: Who is your lucky other half and how did you meet?

Leila: Henry and I met through friends. We'd known each other for around 5 years, however only saw each other about once a year or so before we got together. I fancied him the first time I saw him but unfortunately he was in a relationship at that time (good things come to this who wait :-) ). Actually the first time I met him, I was a bit tipsy and I wrestled his brother to the floor.

AOM: How long did you date before getting engaged?

Leila: Just over 6 years.

AOM: What is it about him that made you say yes?

Leila: Everything! It might sound silly but just the way he loves me. I feel safe and secure with him. He makes me feel sexy and special. The way he holds my hand. The way he's made me a better person. He put's up with me! The fact that I'm now a step-mum to his daughter.

AOM: Have you got a favourite memory with your partner?

Leila: This is such a hard question, so many to choose from. I love travelling with Henry and I have a lot of happy memories from holidays that we have been on. A particularly favourite memory is of a tofu tasting menu in Kyoto, the setting, the food, the man - all perfect! Or sitting in a cellar bar in Paris, I wasn't feeling too well and Henry may have polished off all the red wine. We were playing drafts and his reaction to me winning was priceless, let's just say he was definitely expecting to win. Always makes me laugh thinking about it.

AOM: Tell us where you're getting married?

Leila: We are getting married at St. Pancras Church, Euston on 5th May this year! That'll be followed by a reception at the Black Swan Studios, Bermondsey. A very London wedding.

AOM: Do you have any thoughts on a look/colour/theme for the big day?

Leila: This has been a tricky one. The venue is a warehouse and quite industrial looking so I have been trying to make that look simple and soft, it's a bit of a challenge! I'm going for green and white with a soft pink running through it for colours.

AOM: What are you most looking forward too on the day?

Leila: Marrying Henry :-) Seeing him at the alter. Also seeing the Oyster Meister we've hired.

AOM: What are you finding the easiest and hardest parts of planning?

Leila: We are doing the wedding quite quickly (5 months) so I'm finding that I feel I am rushing quite a lot of decisions which is difficult. It doesn't help that I'm terrible at making decisions! The easiest part was choosing my maid of honour and the oysters.

AOM: Ok, I have to comment here, Leila's right there - she is the worst decision maker ever! Apart from me. You should see us trying to make plans together! Some people would say getting married quickly makes it easier as they have to make decisions rather than sit and stew and second guess, I certainly thought so when I had a similarly quick wedding! Also, should I be flattered or appalled that I've just been inadvertently compared to oysters?!

AOM: Do you have a honeymoon destination in mind?

Leila: Sardinia, but nothing is booked yet!

AOM: What’s the best bit of advice that you have been given so far?

Leila: To remember that whatever happens on the day, you'll be married at the end of it which is the most important thing. This calms me when I'm loosing control.

AOM: How do you keep your memories?

Leila: I do like taking photos but have to admit I'm terrible at printing them, I really want to get back into the habit of making albums. I do keep a personal box of small things I can't get rid of, like cards and letters from Henry.

AOM: AOM is all about cherishing memories, do you have a favourite memory of all time?

Leila: Christmas morning 2017, finding a ring under my pillow.

Wow, what a fantastic proposal and a great memory to end on this week! Find out how Leila got on on her wedding day in the Memories Made section next Wednesday - and I can tell you it wasn't all plain sailing!!


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