How to choose the photos for your Wedding Album

One of the most tricky things when creating a wedding album is deciding which of all the gorgeous photos you want to include in it. Let's face it, as one of the best days of our lives, trying to cut down the photos that remind us of it can be pretty daunting. Here's And Other Memories simple technique for dealing with this.

Hundreds of photos to whittle down for a wedding album.

Unless you are going for a full blown photo book including all of the #images, you are going to need to make some cuts here and there. The best way to do this is to start by working out how many #photos your album can take. For example, And Other Memories lay-flat albums can take 60-70 images depending on the design, while photo books allow many more - into the hundreds, and shop bought albums will be limited by the number of pages or photo slots. 

Shop bought Photo Albums can have photo 'slots' so you know how many photos the album will take.

Once you know how many photos you are whittling it down too, the next step would be to split the day into categories such as getting ready, the ceremony e.t.c.

Divide the number of photos needed by the number of categories you have created, and you will come up with a number that can be used to guide how many photos you should pick for each category.

And Other Memories Photo Selection Sheet

Next you'll need to go through all of the photos, making a list if they are digital, or putting them into piles if they are printed, based on each category. You should also have a discard list/pile for the ones you know you are happy not to use such as bad camera angles or, if you were anything like me as a bride, pretending to be an angel with the big puffy skirt lifted up to be wings! Yes, let's not talk about that!

You should find that it is fairly simple to cut the photos down using this technique. Don't forget you can always play around with the numbers if you find there are more from one category that you love than from another category but by following this technique you should end up with an #album that you really love.