How to get wedding photos that you love!

Whether you are designing your own wedding #album or having a company like And Other Memories provide some professional help, you are going to want a good selection of photos as your starting point. There is nothing more disappointing than looking at your #wedding #photos and thinking "I don't like a single one," or "I wish I had a photo of that." Whether it is grainy photos, out of focus photos or simply that there weren't any images captured of someone who means a lot to you ... there are a number of things that can go wrong with your wedding photos. To help you avoid these problems I've created the And Other Memories guide to making sure you get wedding photos that you love. Read on for some top tips...

Spend the money on a professional photographer.

This is always the one thing I'd recommend any bride struggling with a budget to make sure they have allowance for. Your photos are such an important part of remembering the big day and you don't want to regret that you don't have photos, or that all the photos are terrible when you look back on the day. However well meaning the family member or friend, unless they are a professional photographer, don't rely on them to take the photos! And even if they are professional, you will still get better results if they have wedding photography experience. Knowing where to be and when, and melting into the background to capture the truly candid moments and extra details takes practise. Believe me, hire the professional! I've written about how to find the perfect wedding photographer in a past blog, so don't forget to check it out for more tips on this. And in case you still need convincing, just remember that you only get to do this day once, and while the memories will be great, a professional photographer will help you remember all the little details that might be forgotten, and also capture moments that you may not be there for. This is more likely to be the case if your photographer comes as a duo. More on that later.

Avoid having too many formal photos.

Whether it is photos of you as a couple, family photos or photos of guests and other elements of the wedding, if you really want to capture the essence of the day you will want to consider a reportage style photography. This style is more behind the scenes documentary and works so much better for capturing the finer details and hidden moments. Formal photos, where you line up, say cheese are all well and good for a select few but imagine if the whole day was captured like that! There wouldn't be anything natural about your photos at all! There are loads of different types of wedding photography styles, so do your research and make sure you know what style your photographer offers. You will want to make sure that it is a style that you love. Knowing your photographer’s style in advance will also help minimise any disappointment you might feel when looking at your photos after the event if you were expecting one thing, and got something completely different!

Formal photography can be awkward!

If possible have more that one photographer/camera.

This isn't always possible on everyone's budget but if you can, try and find a photographer that comes as a pair. That way one can concentrate on the couple and the wedding elements, while the other concentrates on the guests - capturing all the moments you miss as the happy couple. Having two photographers also means they can split up and capture images of both of you as you get ready separately. This is a great example of what I mentioned earlier about photographer’s being able to capture the bits that you weren’t necessarily there for. This can of course still be done with one photographer but if you can afford someone who comes as a pair it's a no brainer really!

Have a plan and stick too it.

Make sure your photographer knows exactly who you want special photos with... it's a good idea to give them a list of any family/friends you particularly want photos with in advance so they know exactly what/who they need to capture and can allow the time for it. It’s also a good idea to warn these people in advance so that they know they are ‘on call’ for a photograph. I’ve seen a few brides somewhat stressed out as they try and find Aunt Sally or wait for Uncle Henry to finish his conversation. It may help for your photographer to put a rough schedule together so that people know roughly what time they will be wanted. There's nothing worse than feeling rushed for either you or the photographer and it doesn't make for particularly good photos! So have a plan, warn others about it and try to stick to it as much as possible.

Make sure the photographer knows the venue in advance.

This way they will have an idea of where to get the best shots and what sort of equipment they may need. Knowing where they want to take photos saves loads of time faffing about on the day. It may also help them to put a schedule together so that you can warn family and friends what time they will be wanted and where. Visiting the venue in advance may seem like a waste of time, but really it can be a great advantage on the day. As well as deciding what equipment to bring with them it also gives the photographer the chance to talk to the venue owners or management and get prior permissions if there are some out of the way areas they want access too. An example of this may be wanting access to an upstairs room to get a photo from the window of all the wedding guests grouped together below, or a beautiful staircase that may be the perfect location for some couple shots. By visiting the venue the photographer will be able to come up with all sorts of brilliant ideas that may be more difficult to pull off if they only come up with them on the day.

Stick to these five simple rules above and there is no doubt you will end up with some truly gorgeous wedding photos. Really take the time to make sure you are getting the right wedding photographer for you. Someone who is happy to tell your story, as well as make you feel relaxed on the day. Happy wife equals a happy life and some beautiful wedding photos, as they say! Then it's just the decision of what to do with them all and what sort of album you want to make. Don't forget And Other Memories is always here to help!!

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