How to: Personalise your Wedding Album!

"Isn't using my wedding photo's enough?!" is probably the first question that enters your head as you read the title above. And yes, for some it is. But if you really want to go the whole hog, and at And Other Memories we are all about the personal, there are plenty of other touches you can do to really create a #personalised #wedding #album.

1. Choose your fonts.

Yes, I know that's a boring one but I thought I'd start with the most obvious! Yes, in a wedding album you don't need writing describing the photos as they tend to be pretty self-explanatory, but there will no doubt be a title somewhere even if it just on the front cover or you may decide to add names for future generations to know who is who. Either way, choose a font that you love and that reflects your style.

2. Album Cover.

Whether you are making your own album or using a design service such as And Other Memories, the possibilities for the cover are huge. From full photo sleeves, to material cover choices and colours you need to decide how the album will look and that's before you have even started deciding on whether you want your names, initials, date, or the little photo squares indented on the front. There is a huge choice that can make the album feel like you before you've even opened it, and if you want to reflect your wedding theme in the album there is no better way to start than by choosing a colour for the cover that was part of your scheme.

3. Page colours and Backgrounds.

Most people prefer either a black or a white background for their pages. These simple colours are a striking way to really make the images stand out, particularly if you are creating a digital album that will be printed with the images flush mount (straight on to the page). If however you want to continue your colour theme from the wedding why not consider using your chosen colours as the backgrounds to pages.

4. Album Design.

Yes, I know this seems like an obvious one but really this album is all about you. You should decide what sort of look you are going for, be it a traditional look, or something a little more edgy. Consider overlapping images or using design tools such as opacity feathers to fade images out where another starts. Just remember albums work best if they have a unified look running throughout. Another design consideration is using images from your wedding theme dotted throughout the album, for example, I had an Australian/English theme to my wedding, which included tables with little VW campers and Red London buses on, and flower sculptures shaped like kangaroos and hedgehogs. You could take that and dot images of kangaroos/buses/campers around the album, dropping them in corners or filling spaces where you don't have photos. Maybe even use them to hold the photos in place.

5. Extras From Your Wedding Day.

This is your album and you are making it from scratch! Why not include a copy of the invite, Order of Service or the speeches in it so that you get a true feel of the day.

Hopefully this guide has given you some inspiration for your wedding album. Don't forget And Other Memories is always here to help if you can't find the time or find it all too much. Check out our wedding album page to find out more.


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