Newlywed: Leila McCausland

Leila McCausland, it's got a great ring too it hasn't it? Just back from her honeymoon, here's what she had to say about about her big day and if you missed what she had to say as a bride-to-be you can find it here:

AOM: Firstly, massive Congratulations on getting married! Did the day all go to plan?

Leila: Ha, it was a wonderful day but we did have a bit of a hiccup in the beginning. We had arranged to have an old Route Master bus take the guests from the Church to the reception. It was also booked to take the bridal party to the Church first of all. However, when the bus arrived, the brakes were broken! We had to quickly sort out transport for 12 people to get to the Church on time. Then the replacement bus which turned up at the Church to take the 72 guests turned out to only take 56 people! It all got sorted in the end but it wasn't the best start to the day and caused a bit of a panic!

AOM: Please remind us where and when you got married?

Leila: We got married on 5th May 2018 at St. Pancras Church, Euston, followed by the reception at Black Swan Studios, Bermondsey.

AOM: Now that it is all over do you have any of your own tips or advice for other brides-to-be?

Leila: This is your day, go with what you want! You want oysters, have them, you'll regret it if you don't. If you are unhappy with something, let the person organising know, they can't read your mind. It also does go as quickly as everyone says, so do take a moment to take a breath and take it all in. I wish I had walked slower in the Church!

AOM: Was there a tool you found particularly useful in helping you plan? (e.g. website, app, wedding planner, someone who went above and beyond)

Leila: We used the Wedding Arrangers to organise our wedding, and they were brilliant, they gave us the wedding that we wanted! I used the app Bridebook which helped monitor my spending. I used the app WedPics for guests to upload their pictures. Also, I couldn't have got through the day without my Maid of Honour. Throughout organising the wedding, the hen do, the wedding day, she went above and beyond. AOM: Ahh, thanks Leila!! If you read last week's Memories in the Making interview with Leila which can be found here you'll know that I was lucky enough to be her MoH!

AOM: What was your favourite memory from the day?

Leila: After all the issues that we had getting to the Church, when the doors opened and I saw Henry, that was my favourite moment. He was there and it was all going to be ok.

AOM: Did you have a wedding photographer?

Leila: We didn't have a professional photographer, I asked my cousin to take some photos and asked the guests to take photos and upload them to the wedding app WedPics.

AOM: What about a video?

Leila: Nope – no video.

AOM: As an album lover I have to ask, are you planning on creating an album/scrapbook/memory book to help you remember your big day and the honeymoon? If so, any tips on how to go about this for others?

Leila: I absolutely want to create an album. However, at the moment I have no idea where to start.

AOM: If the bus wasn't bad enough, did anything else go wrong?

Leila: The bus was a pretty big disaster. Because of that my brother was late to the Church with the Order of Service, so it was a pretty hectic beginning. Also, we always have one friend who falls asleep, I took that as a compliment though.

AOM: Did you end up booking Sardinia for your honeymoon?

Leila: Yes, we hired a car and travelled around the north, was truly amazing.

AOM: What is your favourite memory from your honeymoon?

Leila: A boat trip that we did in La Maddalena. It was so funny, we got completely eaten by mosquitos and couldn't get away. Also, the food - amazing!

Leila's suppliers:

"The following were so important to me!"

Wedding Organiser: The Wedding Arrangers

Flowers: Blend and Bloom

Cake: Cakes by Chlobo

Dress: Daisys Bridal Couture

I'm so glad that Leila got there in the end!! What with the bus disaster and all. And what a truly gorgeous day it was! Check back in Memories in the Making soon to meet our next bride.