Not so Newlywed: Andrea Ryde

Our Goldie Oldie chats to us about her wedding all those years ago!

How times have changed! My parents wedding wasn't actually all that long ago, or maybe I'm just in denial because if I admit it was, that would make me pretty old too and I won't be having that. It's amazing how in 30 something years the wedding industry has grown and grown and people now put so much into that one big day. Not that a wedding wasn't a big event 30 years ago, but I think there was a different attitude - or at least there was in my family. Here's what my mother has to say about her big day.

AOM: Who is your lucky other half and how did you meet?

Andrea: Edward - we met through my younger sister and now brother-in-law when the two boys came to visit my sister. We courted for approximately 1 year before we got engaged - which only happened because he was bored at lunch one day!

AOM: When and where did you get married?

Andrea: St. Mary's Church, Cowden, in May 1980, and afterwards a drinks reception in my parents barn.

AOM: Did you have any thoughts on a look/colour/theme for the big day?

Andrea: Not really, my parents were lovingly in control because in those days they paid for it ALL!

AOM: Was there a tool you found particularly useful in helping you plan?

Andrea: My parents!

AOM: Do you have any tips or advice for todays brides-to-be?

Andrea: Be happy and be calm, nothing in the planning is worth causing you great stress.

AOM: What was your favourite memory from the day?

Andrea: The wedding and my Uncle's speech because he loathed talking and we were all dreading it, but actually he did really well and was really funny. Also, he finally paid me the Escudo's (old Portugese currency) he owed me from a holiday a few years before when I kept beating him at back gammon!

AOM: For those wondering - Andrea's Uncle did a speech because her Father was far too nervous of public speaking to do one - a tradition that seems to have carried on in our family as my brother did the speech at my wedding on behalf of my Father!

AOM: Did you have a wedding photographer?

Andrea: Yes, my parents found them.

AOM: What about a video?

Andrea: A family member took a short cine film.

AOM: See, I knew weddings had changed!! A cine film?!

AOM: What did you do with your wedding photos?

Andrea: The photographer gave us the photos and I stuck them in the nicest album I could find.

AOM: Did you have a honeymoon, or wasn't it the done thing back then?

Andrea: Yes, we went to Portugal for a week, where we had a lovely time relaxing and discussing the 'big day' etc.

AOM: AOM is all about cherishing memories, do you have a favourite memory of all time?

Andrea: One of them was having two wonderful children and also very happy holidays in Portugal with family and friends.

AOM: That's a cop out Mum - you didn't have to mention your wonderful children, but yes we are pretty special aren't we?

Can you imagine your parents having COMPLETE control over your wedding? I certainly can't. Let us know if your parents have any interesting stories from their big day and maybe we can feature them one #weddingwednesday Don't forget to check back here next week for more #weddingstories.

Thanks for sharing, Mummy!x


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