Wedding Essentials for Guests!

Don't forget these essential items to help you get through the day next time you head to a wedding.

We all know how much fun wedding's can be. There is nothing better than being in a room full of people who have come together to witness a couple's love, and because everyone wants the couple to have a good time, and is in the mood so to speak, you couldn't get a friendlier vibe. Don't ruin it by forgetting one of these essentials:

The invite/information sheet - technically you don't need this in order to turn up (as long as you have been invited!) but it often will have useful information

Tissues - someone will be crying

Plasters - for unforseen blisters

Gift - (if you haven't bought from the gift list)

Camera - to snap the happy couple if allowed

Painkillers - nothing worse than being stuck with a headache all day

Make-up - for any touch ups

Wallet/Keys - to get home again

Overnight bag - this truly is essential if you are staying over night! Otherwise you may be going home in the same wedding clothes you wore for the day... talk about a walk of shame. That said, there's always one!

Hangover cure - weddings are the one place that people are often likely to drink a little more than they perhaps should. Ward off the hangover with the And Other Memories tried and tested hangover cure to be taken the night before - a charcoal tablet and re-hydration salts drink!

Safety pin - to be extra thoughtful and helpful to the bride who may need to pin up her dress!

Is there anything else you consider a wedding essential? Let us know by leaving a comment or contacting us here.


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