Wedding Memories in the Making: Hatty Goody tells us about her wedding plans.

It is #weddingwednesday again, and this week we have been lucky to speak to the lovely Hatty whose wedding plans sound delightful - a countryside wedding held at home. If I hadn't grown up in London I would have loved a big enough garden to be able to do that - maybe I should put it on the checklist for our London escape move that I've also been dreaming about for years!

AOM: Massive Congratulations on your engagement! Can you tell us who your lucky other half is and how you met?

Hatty: Thank you! It's Alex Parker – we met whilst I was at Southampton Uni – he came to my grotty student house for pre drinks...and the rest is history!

AOM: How long did you date before getting engaged?

Hatty: About 3 years

AOM: What is it about Alex that made you say yes?

Hatty: He's very persistent, and I knew he wouldn't take no for an answer!! Seriously though, he is brilliant – the most supportive and loving person, I am incredibly lucky, and would have been very silly turning him down – plus he is an excellent cook and feeds me VERY well.

AOM: Have you got a favourite memory with Alex?

Hatty: It's really hard to choose one, we've had some incredible experiences together – canoeing down a river in Kerala, India in a dug out canoe was pretty special though.

AOM: Have you got a date and venue for your #wedding, if so please tell?

Hatty: Yes, we are getting married in a small church and the reception is just up the road at my parent's farmhouse in Devon – we're having a marquee in the paddock behind the house and it's on the 6th July – Alex's 30th birthday!

AOM: Have you got any thoughts on a look/colour/theme for the big day?

Hatty: I think it will probably be quite a cottage garden type of wedding – my mum is already going garden crazy! I'm really keen on lots of wild flowers and using bits and bobs growing in the hedgerows.

AOM: What are you most looking forward too on the day?

Hatty: I think just having everyone we love in the same place and celebrating our commitment to each other with family and friends – and of course having a good dance late into the night!

AOM: What are you finding the easiest and hardest parts of planning?

Hatty: We were really lucky with being able to have the wedding at my parent's place, so we haven't had to be too restrictive with numbers, catering or alcohol! The hardest....probably working out the logistics of the day, and finding the best way for it to flow. I find this so hard to do when the wedding is super far away – I am really bad at planning ahead!!

AOM: And I've heard a rumour that someone special will be doing the #catering?

Hatty: My partner Alex is actually doing it (not on the day, but he will be creating menus and doing most of the prep the week beforehand). He is super keen on cooking - was on MasterChef last year, and we both run a supper club in our living room a few times a month

AOM: Wow, how amazing to have your partner getting so involved. Not many men would be up for that - and what an extra special touch it will be on the big day knowing where all the food has come from!

AOM: Do you have a #honeymoon destination in mind?

Hatty: No, although I'd be more than happy with a road trip around Italy. Can't beat the food and the countryside over there.

AOM: What’s the best bit of advice that you have been given so far?

Hatty: Don't take it too seriously – it's just a day!

AOM: How do you keep your #memories?

Hatty: We usually take a lot of #photos – the select few get framed!

AOM: AOM is all about cherishing memories, do you have a favourite memory of all time?

Hatty: That is a HARD one! I have been very lucky and have had tonnes of very happy memories, but my favourite memory was in my second year of uni where my housemates and I decided to host a 'Noah's Arc' themed summer garden party. My friend's band played in the garden and we were all dressed up in Noah's Arc fancy dress enjoying ourselves enormously. To top it off, my house mate Lizzie made a HUGE Noah's Arc chocolate cake - it was just the happiest night! I really hope that our wedding resembles that random, happy night in one way or another.

I think Hatty and Alex's wedding sounds like it will be a wonderful day - and how amazing that Alex is getting so involved with the #weddingcatering! We will have to wait a while before we hear how the big day went, but in the meantime don't forget to check out Hatty and Alex's #supperclub, head along and you might get to try some of Alex's wonderful cooking yourselves! It certainly all looks delicious on Instagram!

See you back here next week for some more #weddingwednesday fun.


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