Welcome to the AOM blog!!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the And Other Memories blog, and my first ever blog post!

2018 is the year that And Other Memories hits social media, and embraces all things digital. Well, too an extent. I'm going to use this blog to tell you all about #albumdesign and everything that #andothermemories gets up too. There will be tips and ideas, as well as general chit chat and thoughts on everyday life. It is after all the #everydaymoments that make up the memories, and it is the #memories that we want to pass down to future generations. We are a story telling people, and long may that continue!

And just to remind you what it is that I do, above is a little slide show (or should be if I've done this right!) of some of the albums I have made, including a work in progress.

Do please let me know if there is anything you want me to cover in the blog, or if you have any questions about your own album design or #scrapbooking.

See you back here soon!

Katie x