What is a Wedding Guest Book?

Recently I have been showing people And Other Memories new wedding guest books on Instagram, but it has become clear that not everyone has heard about wedding guest books, so I thought I’d tell you about them and answer the question What Is a Wedding Guest Book, and how can they be personalised?

Beautiful Pellaq covered Personalised Wedding Guest Book

The idea of the wedding guest book is actually a lot older than you might think. Originating many hundreds of years ago when witnesses were required to testify to a marriage, those who signed their names were attesting to the fact that the marriage took place. Hence they would sign a book or a ledger as part of making the marriage ceremony legal. These days only two witnesses are needed and they sign the marriage certificate but the idea of a guest book lives on. Couples more recently will choose to have a wedding guest book as a memento of those who attended their special day and these can take on many different forms.

A wedding guest book can be a bit of a blank canvas and can be really unique to you as a couple. Most books come with blank pages on which the modern couple can ask for just a signature, marriage advice, wishes for the couple, jokes, date ideas, you name it, you can ask your guests to write pretty much anything you wish, which is what makes these books so unique and such a fabulous memento.

All of And Other Memories personalised wedding guest books come with a customisable cover, but there are also other options available. Our standard books come in a choice of cover material, with your choice of wording debossed on the front. Words chosen for the front cover are often the name of the married couple, date and sometimes location, such as:

Mr and Mrs Smith

12th September 2019

Dymoke House

Inside the books there is a title page with prompts for the name of the couple, the date and location. If you got married in one place, but are having the reception in another then this can be a good place to make note of that.

Pages are blank, ready to be filled out by guests with whatever you have chosen to ask them to include! There really are so many options which help to make these books truly bespoke to you. What about three words to describe you as a couple, a little drawing from each person, their thoughts on the day, or even just leaving them to their own devices, whatever option you choose you can be sure that your bespoke wedding guest book is going to stand out and be a wonderful keepsake of the big day.

If the above isn’t doing it for you, and you want something even more special, how about designing a personalised wedding guest book that includes photos of you as a couple. These can be from an engagement shoot, or simply your favourite photos of the two of you. Scatter these throughout a bespoke wedding guest book, leaving plenty of space for your guests to make their notes and you will have a really stunning memento of you as a couple and your big day.

You can also choose to have a book made with extra pages if you know you are going to want to stick some bits in later so that it becomes like a scrapbook. Although this may not be the best idea if you are thinking of longevity as bits may fall out over time.

Whatever you choose to do with yours wedding guest books are seen as a popular memento of the day and can be truly unique. Ask And Other Memories about their personalised wedding guest book design service, or buy your luxury and bespoke wedding guest book by visiting the And Other Memories shop.

All out books come gift boxed so that you have somewhere safe to store them over the years to come so that future generations can share the joy of looking at your special keepsake from the day.

And Other Memories Personalised Wedding Guest Books cost £87.00, which includes personalisation, gift box and postage. Each A5 landscape book is made specifically for you. If you know other people getting married and want to order together there are discounts for more than one book of the same cover, just get in touch here.