Why you should choose printed albums over traditional scrapbooking.

There's nothing better than looking back through old journals and photo albums to reminisce about the past. My primary school homework every summer was to create a scrapbook about what we got up too over the holidays, and having re-found them just the other day it was wonderful the memories they bought back of long, lazy sunny days such as those that can only be experienced in childhood. I keep them at my parents home otherwise I'd post a photo of them here.

Put scrapbooking into a search engine such as Google and it will come up with hundreds of images of beautiful pages, full of doodles, lovely handwriting and torn out pictures and photos - all wonderfully placed together to create a stunning whole. It brings out my geeky stationery love and makes me want to whip my colouring pens and sketchbook out.

A screenshot from my Google search for scrapbooking.

So why then, if I love scrapbooking so much, do I not do traditional scrapbooking anymore? Well the answer is simple. Time. Over time, the glue or the sticky tape loses it's stick, so the flowers you spent all summer pressing, or the postcard from Portugal that you stuck in just so, falls out - to disintegrate, get lost or join whatever appropriate path life has in store for that particular item that lost its stick. Yes if you are lucky, you will catch it, and you can glue it in again, but more often than not it'll just get crammed back in between the pages until someone else picks up the book, and out it falls.

A 50 pence coin that fell out of my baby journal has been stuck back in.

And do you know what? If it doesn't fall out, and you used Sellotape, it gets hit instead by discolouration, so that nice, clear tape goes yellow and brown. Yes, I know that this can be part of the charm of an old #scrapbook, but on the other hand, it is not how it was originally intended too look!

A lock of my baby hair stuck into my baby journal with now discoloured sticky tape.

These days with the advancement of technology we have a solution. Using a good scanner and some #design software we can create the same beautiful pages, without having to worry about the effects of time. You name it, there will be a way of getting it into the #album.

The above photo's show you some of the pages I have created using scrapbooking ideas. From children's artwork to time tables, these items look just as good on the printed page. What's more, using the #printedalbum technique, we can include 3D items that there is no way we would be able to get into a normal scrapbook, such as the egg box full of shells in the middle picture. Seriously, we can include all sorts of things we wouldn't normally think of. And we will never lose them!! They aren't going to fall out!

Below are some of my favourite pages to date. The first partly because I have a soft spot for Winnie-the-Pooh, but I also love how Tigger is pinning down the birth certificate. The second uses a Lion King brochure as the background for a load of tickets from other theatre performances.

Don't they both look great?!

And that people, is why printed albums, are so much better than traditional scrapbooks!

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